Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kindle Skills - Searching

August 25, 2010 Cindy O'Neal
Quick Wiki Search:
Wikipedia is a great place to search for information about authors and just about anyone else you want to know more about. I like to search for authors in Wikipedia especially when I discover a series I really like and want to know the exact order of the books. I love to read and savor a series of books from the absolute beginning to the end. A Wiki Search is also a great way to get a pretty good list of an author's works... not necessarily a series, but when you like an author, it is nice to have a resource for additional titles you may be interested in. Wiki will give you plenty of information, but you are always able to look at other websites to round out your research. The Internet is an amazing tool, and Wikipedia is only a small part of the resources available. It is certainly a goodie though, when you need to cut to the chase.

To see if an author is on Wikipedia:
  • From any screen on your Kindle (Home or while a book it opened), type an author or person's name.
  • Move the 5-way switch to the right until you see Wikipedia highlighted.
  • Press in on the 5-way switch to make the search happen.
Search Quickies:
  • To search the Internet from any screen, enter what you are searching for, then toggle the 5-way switch to the right until Google is highlighted. Then press in to make it happen. This is also a quick way to get to the Internet with your Kindle.
  • Always use complete words when searching.
  • Press Alt+DEL to clear all words from the search box (the boo boo command)
  • Press the Back button to go from search results back to what you were doing before.