Monday, June 04, 2012

Make the Most of your Kindle Fire Carousel

Touch and hold an item in your Carousel
to see your choices.
Clean it Out... It doesn't need to be a curse, showing everything you have ever opened or done on your little machine, with the most current proudly displayed on top. It certainly isn't very much fun to use. If you want to use it to find something and you have had your Kindle Fire any length of time, you would need to swipe your finger to the left a lot. 

In one of the first updates to your Kindle Fire software, Amazon (sort of) fixed this problem by at least giving us a little control over what appears on the Carousel list. That really is all it is... a list of what apps you have used or books or magazines you have read with the most current at the beginning of the stack.

Now you can touch and hold your finger on any item in your Carousel and see three choices - Add to Favorites, Remove from Carousel, and Download. Each is very straightforward. Touch it and your Kindle Fire will make it happen.

Give yourself a fresh start by removing everything from your Carousel and starting from scratch. For some, this may take a while because you can only remove one item at a time, but it will be worth it in the long run. You don't need to worry about deleting any real things from your Kindle. These are only shortcuts and are perfectly safe to remove from your Carousel. After you have it cleaned out you will have a fresh start. The only things that will remain in your Carousel will be what you choose to keep there. Everything else you can remove as they appear.