Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Cloud and Kindle for PC and Mac

Kindle for PC:
Kindle for PC software
This is a must have software if you have a Kindle. Not only is it a great way to open those .mobi files you download from places other than Amazon and receive from friends, it gives you unfettered Internet access to your Archives (the Cloud). All your Kindle books are handy for quick reference and general browsing.

Files (.mobi) from… Browsing books on can be really fun. Once you download your book to your computer, you can double click it and (if you have the Kindle for PC or Mac software installed) it should automatically be associated with and open with that program. It is a great way to preview the book and make sure you really want it before you copy it to your Kindle.

Where you can find the
latest Kindle software
for your device
I hate to say it, but sometimes I just can't remember a title, and it is not that easy to search a kindle. And if your Kindle depends on your home Internet access, searching your archives isn't going to happen if you are out somewhere and a wifi connection isn't available.  Having this on the computer gives me a quick way to just graze when I feel like it, scrolling the list of Archived Items until you find something you want. Then right click on the thumbnail and choose Download to bring a copy on your computer. Or you can make a note of the book title and do a search on your Kindle for it. Kindle will (if it is connected to the Internet one way or another) find it in the archives for you and download it to your Kindle for almost instant access.

And of course, in addition to all this goodness, there is a nice, easy to find link to the Kindle Store on these apps for your PC and Mac. Who could ask for more?

Kindle for Mac software
Kindle for Mac... Notice the Kindle for Mac looks identical to the software for the PC, right down to the little Shop in Kindle Store button.  You can even right click (ctrl+click) and see the same option to download any archived books.

If you have Collections organized on your real Kindle (all but the Fire) you can import any of them to your PC or Mac application. I wonder why they even bothered with this feature since collections aren't happening at all on the Kindle Fire so far. Maybe Amazon is still considering it for future Kindles.

Updating... Do check your PC and Mac Kindle software periodically. It looks like the software for my PC just popped up one day and let me know an update was available. The Mac software didn't and I had to download the latest version and install after removing what was obviously an outdated version. Hopefully this latest will have better updating capabilities.