Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Kindle Fire - Notes and Marks

Special Thanks to Janet for the question that led to this little goodie!

Q: Do you know (of course you do) how to put a note in a book your reading, like your own personal review or date you read it. The area with my notes & marks is grayed out.

A: Whenever an option is not available, there is a reason. Notes and Marks are not going to be available unless you actually have either a note or a bookmark.

How to add a Note:
Notes can be added to any page in a book by simply selecting a word or group of words. Once you have the word selected, you will see a dialog box appear with choices. Touch the word note and you will see a keyboard appear with a box your text will appear in. Type whatever you want, then touch the Save button to the right of the text entry. That's it! The next time you bring up the options while in that book, your note will appear under the words NOtes and Marks. Touch it and you will be transported to that page where you will see the word you highlighted and a little note icon next to it. Touch it and read your note. In this little "reading your note" area, you will also find a button to touch if you would like to delete the note.

This is not a place to write a long dissertation, but for notes and little memory joggers, it is great.

Bookmarks (Marks) are treated just like your notes, and can be found in the same place. Creating a bookmark is as easy as touching the little bookmark icon at the top right corner of every page in your book. Touch it once, and you have added the bookmark. Touch it again and you remove it.