Thursday, June 07, 2012

Kindle Fire - Favorites and Download Carousel Choices

Add To Favorites:
Add to Favorites and Download options
The Favorites area is just below your Carousel on the first screen you see on your Kindle Fire. It is a great place to really organize any books you are currently reading, as well the apps you use the most and want handy. You can make this Favorites area as large or as compact as you want. It's all up to you. To add something from your Carousel to your Favorites, press with your finger and hold the item until you see the choices. Then press the words Add to Favorites. Your item will appear as the top left item on your Kindle Fire in the Favorites area. To arrange your Favorites items the way you want, press, and while holding your finger down on the item, drag it to the position on the Favorites list you want it to occupy. You may have to play with this a bit until you feel comfortable with it. Depending on the number of items on your Favorites, you can drag up, down, left or right, replacing (nudging over) any items you come close to.

When you see the Download choice on a Carousel item, you can pretty well bet it is a book. Even if you "purchase" a free offering from Amazon and have it sent to your Cloud Reader, it will appear in your Carousel (just in case you want it on your Kindle Fire too?). Choose Download and it will be downloaded from the Archives (or Cloud) to your Kindle Fire and you will be able to access it (even if you remove it from the Carousel) in your Books area.

See the little down arrow on your Carousel item? This means you don't even have to go as far as pressing with your finger and holding to see the Download choice. You can just touch the item and it will begin to download to your books area.  If you have touched it and downloaded it by mistake, you can always (while the item is still in your Carousel) touch and hold and choose remove from device. That will put it back into the Archives (Cloud) until you want it again.