Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kindle Fire - Your Note Machine

Special Thanks to Janet Johnstone for the question that led to this tip...

Notes... and saving them on your Kindle.. 

YOU need to go to Evernote.com and sign up for a FREE account. Then you can get the FREE Evernote app and put it on your Kindle Fire, as well as your computer (even multiple computers) and/or iPhone/iPad, anything you use. Then you can create notes, save files even and have access to same with ALL your devices. I totally depend on it... even put it on hubby's computer and made a "notebook" for him to store his stuff in. On our last road trip we needed some bit of information he had saved and I was able to access it immediately on my Kindle Fire. Any time you save or add something, it is saved on the "cloud" and updated on ever other device you have Evernote on. It is always synched.

You can password protect your notes. We have "special" notes with sensitive information on them, like user ids and passwords to various things. Highlight the password, then right click on it and choose encrypt. I have one password that only my husband and I know, and it is used to open anything encrypted on Evernote... a master password.

We LOVE it.

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