Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Folders on the Kindle Fire

I am so impressed with the "music" folder on the Kindle Fire. It isn't like the music folders on previous models of Kindle. I'm sure it has to do with the tablet and other media capabilities of this little gem.

From the first Kindle, there has been a music folder you could put mp3 files into. The only problem is once you put the music files into it, you don't have much control over them after that. Here are the "rules" for the "regular" Kindles:

  • Play/Stop: ALT+SPACEBAR
  • Next track: ALT+F
  • Music files must be mp3 files and placed in the Kindle's music folder.
The Kindle Fire is a different story. I found (on the Internet of course) a bunch of mp3 files of episodes of an old radio series named Nightfall... scary stories about 30 minutes long (each one). Well I love listening to things like this at night so decided to dump a bunch of them into the music folder on the Kindle Fire and see what happened.

For one thing, there is a Music choice at the top of the main Kindle Fire menu. I touched that and it took me right to the choice of Cloud or Device. I was treating these mp3 files like individual "songs." and touched the word Device

There they were, in all their glory, in order of file names. I touched the first one and it began playing. The interesting difference was there were full touch controls available for each "song." I could stop/start/rewind... whatever I wanted. And if I just wanted to let them play uninterrupted, they would continue one right after the other...perfect for sleep listening, although I realized rather quickly I needed to be hearing some other type of old time radio to sleep by, like Jack Benny or anything light and funny.

Regardless of my rather scary choice, it was a great experience. Try putting your own mp3 files into the music folder on your Kindle Fire. You will have a lot of fun!

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