Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ask Mrs. Wizard

Need a New Kindle?
So, How Do I...

...delete a book on my Kindle when nothing else works? 
I have deleted books before.  No problem.  I now have one that I downloaded from
amazon that I cannot delete.  I have tried everything!
-I can move it from collection to collection.
-I can access it at Home (or whatever you call that list of all of your books) and in its collection.
-I can delete it from my device and send it up into the cloud.
-And, just to show off, I can bring it back from the cloud to my "device".
But I can't delete this $^*#$%^$% book.
Oh, great one, how do I make this one go away?
"Frustrated in Alpharetta"
Well Mr. Frustrated...
Which Kindle are you trying to delete it from?  Is it a Kindle Touch? the Fire? or a Kindle DX or Keyboard?

Do you have it removed from your Kindle and want to get rid of it permanently? That has to be done in the Manage Your Kindle area. Once you delete it from that area, it is gone forever, unless you purchase it again.

What book is it you want to get rid of (so I make sure I don't buy it myself)... hope it isn't mine! Geez :)
Thanks for your guidance.  I think I may be in love with you.
Yep.  I found that I had to go to my PC to eliminate the
obstinate book.  No, it was not one of yours unless you
have written anything currently about Austrian economic
theory.  :)
I had never even heard of Manage Your Kindle
Well you are more than welcome David... I know what it is like to want to totally eliminate a book... Fortunately it doesn't happen often.

And it sounds like it was a book that needed getting rid of :)

Warmest Regards,

PS... Thank YOU for a great idea for today's blog!