Saturday, January 14, 2012

Free Space to save books

Need a new Kindle?
Dropbox is turning out to be a great FREE resource and a perfect introduction to Cloud computing. You get 2 GB of space with a free account. Use this space to securely back up your most precious files. Install Dropbox for free on every computer you have (including your iPhone/iPad and/or Android). You can even use your Kindle Fire to visit the Dropbox website, sign in with your account information, and you will have access to your files there too. I don't know why they don't have a Dropbox app for our Kindle Fires yet, but I'm sure they will eventually.

You know any books you purchase on Amazon (even the free ones) are backed up on the Amazon Cloud. You have access to them from all your Kindle devices by simply visiting the Archives. What about books you can read on your various Kindles you obtained from other places though? Like, and other places for great free books? You can save them on your computer and send a few at a time to your Kindle to read. You shouldn't (for obvious reasons) be using your Kindle as the sole storage places for these files.

Send them to your free Dropbox folder. You can sign up for your free account with this link... Make as many folders as you want, send your books and any other files you want to your Dropbox. Then you can access them on demand from your Kindles. There is no need to store a lot of anything on your Kindle any more.

And if you really find you are enjoying this cloud space, check out Amazon's FREE cloud storage. With Amazon you get 5 GB of storage for any files you want to save there, unlimited access from any computer, and peace of mind.

Why not have both?

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