Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Kindle Tools - Cloud Reader

Not too long ago, the folks at Apple got into a snit and decided "some" apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPad might be competing with iBooks (the Apple book store) by allowing folks to click within the app and instantly visit the app's book store. I'm referring to the Amazon Kindle app. It was kind of neat to be able to click and shop right from within the app. I couldn't see what the problem was. Heck, I purchase books from iBooks too.

If you use the Kindle app for your iPhone or iPad much at all, you have certainly noticed that with the latest updates, shopping at the Kindle store isn't an option any more. Too bad?

Enter the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader. It is nothing more than a nifty link from your built in web browser on your device to your Kindle book library and archives, along with a very nice (o by the way) link straight to the Amazon Kindle book store.

Just do a search for Kindle Cloud Reader from your Safari browser (iPhone/iPad) or Safari or Chrome browser from your Mac or PC. What an education! And what a neat idea! You will LOVE it.

All you need is your Amazon user id (email address associated with your Amazon account) and your password to sign in. All your books will be handy from whatever device you happen to be using at the time. You can read individual books right in the browser, or download particular books to read offline. I have to admit I haven't downloaded any books yet. It is so convenient to just read them with my wifi connection at home. I also still have the original Kindle app for books I want to read without a connection.

Enjoy, dear readers!