Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kindle Skills - Kindle Friendly Files

File Types that are Kindle friendly and where they need to go on your Kindle:
  • Documents folder: Kindle files (.azw, .azw1, .azw2), PDF files (.pdf), Text files (.txt), Unprotected Mobipocket files (.mobi, .prc). These file types should be put directly into the Documents folder on your Kindle. When you disconnect the USB on your Kindle from your computer, they will appear as books on your Home screen and can be organized into various collections just like any book you purchase from Amazon.
  • Audible folder: Audible files - you must have an account (.aa, .aax), Unprotected other music or book files (.mp3). When you connect your Kindle to your computer via that USB cable, you can browse and view the various folders. The Audible folder is where you can put audio book files (either Audible or mp3). Once in this folder they will appear on the Home screen of your Kindle like a book. When you select it, you will see music controls, so you can pause, fast forward, etc.
  • Music folder: MP3 files (.mp3). As far as music is concerned... you can put any music on your Kindle you want... as long as it is an MP3 file. If you want it to play in the background, put it in the music folder. You can make it play in the background that way by holding down the Alt key, and pressing the space bar once.  You don't have a lot of control for MP3 music files in your music folder. They will just play one right after the other in alphabetical order of their file names. Here are the keyboard shortcuts for background music:

    1. Play or Stop Background Audio by using Alt+Space (hold down the Alt key and then Press the Space Bar).
    2. While playing background audio, forward to the next track via Alt+F (hold down the Alt key and then press the F key).

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