Friday, September 09, 2011

Kindle Skills - to Kindle

If you browse, you will find plenty of free books for your Kindle. The formats are pretty straightforward too... When you find one you like and want to download it to your computer, choose a file format that your Kindle will like. Kindle (.azw), Mobi (.mobi), and PRC (.prc) files are the best flavors and your Kindle will love them.

Once you download your book file, it is up to you to know good file management (or learn real quick), because you then need to get that file from wherever you downloaded it (you DO remember where you put it, right?) to the Documents folder on your Kindle (not the documents folder on your computer). Unless your books is placed in the Documents folder on your Kindle, reading it on your Kindle isn't going to happen. And unless you have special software on your computer that can open and display any of the above mention file types, it isn't going to be happening on your computer either.

Sometimes it helps to make sure you are comfortable with the basics. The rest will come easily then. File management is important. So is dragging and dropping files from one place to another. And being comfortable with file extensions is another important skill.

Over the next few daze, I'm taking you back to the basics. Be sure to share with your new computer user friends ok? Oh... and all this is covered in my Kindle Skills book too!
And of course... shameless promotion below.
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