Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kindle Skills - Right Click Gives You Choices

I tell people that many times a day. With a mouse (Mac or PC), it is one of the most valuable things you can remember to do if you want to learn more and do more with your machine.

The same thing applies to your Kindle, only a right click is done by moving the 5-way switch to the right (if you have a Kindle 2 or DX), or by pressing the right button sliver to the right of the center button in the 5-way area. If you aren't moving a cursor with it, you will be presented with a choice of some sort.

From the Home screen, use the 5-way to navigate to a book, any book. When the book is underlined (selected), press the right button to see what your choices are. You will see:

  • Add to Collection
  • Go to Last Page Read
  • Go to Beginning
  • Go to Location
  • Search This Document
  • My Notes & Marks
  • Delete This Document (if it is a book you put on your Kindle, but didn't purchase from Amazon - treated like a personal file)
  • Remove from Device (if it is a book you purchased from Amazon - free books count as purchased) This will only remove the book from your Kindle. It will still be stored in the Archives on the Amazon servers in case you want it again, or on a different device.
The Back Button - Press the Back button when you are just poking around and exploring with your Kindle. It will always take you back to the last thing you were doing.

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