Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kindle Skills - From the Book

A little sample for you from me...

Free Ebook Tools

Educate yourself by reading about these free tools, and learn how they can help enhance your Kindle and ebook reading experience. These are my favorites with the url typed out so you can copy these and check them out on your main computer if you are reading this on your Kindle:
All of these are freeware, no advertising, everything works great, they all install nice and clean, and won't mess up your computer system. Years ago (Windows XP and before) I would never have installed so many different applications on one machine, but now with Vista and Windows 7, it is much easier. It could be they are just making software better too. Who knows? My Mac has been an experience too, with not much to choose from in the way of software, but what is available is very good, even freeware. Freeware can sometimes mean crapware, but not in the case of anything you will hear about from me.
Bottom line from old Mrs. Wizard? You can never have too many tools...

Kindle Skills - From the Desk of Mrs. Wizard - If you have a Kindle you will love this book! Keep Mrs. Wizard in the palm of your hand. Get a sample and see. And if you like it... help me spread the word!

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