Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kindle Skills - Collections

Collection Notes:

  • Collections are stored on the Amazon servers: When you create a collection on your Kindle, it is saved and will appear in the Archived Items on any other devices you have registered on your account. This is so you can transfer entire collections across registered Kindles.
  • Books are associated with collections until removed: If you add a book to a collection on your Kindle, then delete that book from your device, it will remain associated (and listed) with that collection in the Archived Items. If you download the book again, it will automatically reappear in the collection on your Home screen.
  • You can have books in multiple collections: This is a great personal organizing tool. You can associate any book or other item in your library with any collections you want.
  • Collections don't change device or Archived Items content: If you delete a book or audio file from a collection or delete the entire contents of a collection. Heck... if you delete an entire collection from your Kindle, the actual items on your Kindle will still be the same. They will just appear on the Home screen of your Kindle instead of inside the collection.