Monday, June 06, 2011

Kindle Keeps Your Place

It's a great feeling knowing your Kindle will always remember where you are in any particular book. If you have to leave for a while, and come back to it days later, just opening it will bring you right back where you were.

If you are sharing a Kindle, it will even do it for your partner. The last book read will always be at the top of the Home screen, and if it is part of a Collection, that collection will be listed first at the top of your Home screen, with the most recently opened book listed at the top in that particular collection.
Not a bookmark... Opening your book on your Kindle and being able to begin where you ended last is not the same as a bookmark. Well it is, but it isn't. I like to think of it as the first bookmark in any book you are reading. You can have multiple bookmarks in many books, but only one place where you left off reading last.

To place a bookmark:

  • Press the menu button any time while reading.
  • Move the 5-way controller to the words Add a Bookmark until it is underlined (selected)
  • Press in on the 5-way to make it happen
  • You can also create a bookmark by pressing the Alt key, then the letter B
  • Another way to create a bookmark quickly is by moving the 5-way up or down so you see a blinking cursor (cursor mode), then press the 5-way controller twice.

View your Bookmarks:
  • From any page in a book, press the Menu button
  • Move the 5-way controller until My Notes and Marks is underlined
  • Press in on the 5-way to select
  • Continue to use the 5-way to navigate to and select the bookmark you want to go to.