Monday, March 25, 2013

Free on Amazon Today

Surrept by Taylor Andrews will be free on Amazon from March 25-29
Enjoy! Dear Readers

Genre: Thriller/Supense

Surrept is a disturbingly brilliant thriller. Take a wild journey into the 
lives of two strong, young women who change the world as we know 

Dana Underwood, an up-and-coming real estate star, and her 
glamorous nemesis, Adriana Pucci, the personal assistant to men 
of power, have never met; yet their lives are intertwined in a 
suspenseful drama unlike any other you've ever read.

This journey will leave you spellbound by incredible events that unfold 
before you as present-day global tragedies cripple Western society 
and alter the world forever.

Follow along with Dana in her quest to stop the coldest woman on 
earth from altering its destiny.

Watch and listen to the thoughts of the treacherous Adriana as she 
seduces with a smile and posture that intoxicates those she targets in 
her conspiracies.

This piece reads like a film in real time and will leave you with 
thoughts unlike you have ever had.

Surrept will take your breath away.