Monday, March 18, 2013

Free on Amazon Today

Rising of the Cursed by Mandy Huston will be free on
March 18-22
Sounds like a goodie, Dear Readers!

Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal
Description: When half-vampire Charlie Sparks moves across the country with her recently 
divorced mother, her main goal is to blend in with the locals and finish out her high school 
years peacefully. Fitting in becomes the least of her worries when she meets a group of 
immortal creatures much like herself and teenage vampires at her school start going missing.

Miss Huston impressed us with a well-written and clever twist on the young adult paranormal. 
Her prose is exacting from the P.O.V. of Charlie, her main character. The storyline flows well 
to her target market of readers. The unexpected compels and absorbs the reader while quickly 
moving through the pages involving this dark town of Hayward.

Rising of the Cursed" surprises its audience with a unique perspective worthy of the read. You will

find this journey leaves you wanting more in the first of the series."