Monday, March 18, 2013

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Mustard Seeds by Taylor Andrews will be free on March 18-22
Sweet! Dear Readers

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

The beautiful young Mickey Gillette still lives at home with her mother and her Rottweiler, Bear.
Both work for the city. Marty, her mother, heads the emergency medical response teams, and 
Mickey works as a 911 call center operator. Both deal with tragedy daily, and they do their jobs 
well. Follow Mickey and her two best friends, Lisa and Donnelli, on a radical journey in their lives, 
on life’s unexpected terms. 

Ride along with the three girls as they become key players in a madman’s attack on the Mile-High 
City. Are they the ones destiny has chosen to try and stop him? International intrigue and suspense 
fills the pages with unexpected characters and twists that will leave you guessing. The incredible 
epilogue will leave you with white knuckles, as you cheer.