Friday, March 22, 2013

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Ladies First by Taylor Andrews will be free on March 22-26
"Ladies First Academy for Women: Where Today's Girls Become the Top Women of Tomorrow."
Oh My! Dear Readers

Genre: Drama/Suspense
Description: Join four young women, unknown to each other, as their lives intertwine with fate in a 
thrilling journey on destiny’s path of intrigue, mystery, discovery, and triumph.

Vicky Katz is Jewish and a recent business graduate. Desiree Martinez is a Hispanic law student. 
Pasha Kennedy is an African-American student nurse, and Jennifer Post is an unemployed white 
girl. All of them are beautiful, all of them are smart, and all of them are in each other’s future.

Each young woman is invited to attend one of the world’s foremost, exclusive, private women’s 
institutions known as the “Ladies First Academy for Women: Where Today’s Girls Become the 
Top Women of Tomorrow.” 

Read Ladies First and follow the life-changing challenges and events each young woman faces, 
and get a glimpse as each is inducted into the Ladies First Academy, where they finally learn that 
their lives will never again be the same.