Monday, March 11, 2013

Free on Amazon Today

Flash Acts by Taylor Andrews will be free on March 11-15

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Intelligent, steamy hot fun with wild twists and turns that will awaken all of your emotions. 
Flash Acts is a great adult read for all to enjoy. 

These characters jump off the pages as if you know each one by name, or wish that you 
did. Hot-sexy-mind blowing-fun.

Sloane Addison and her friends are the one's that you wish you had. This story will keep 
you snatching at the pages. It is a smart suspense filled burner about their journey into the 
entertainment world that will keep you reading through all of the steam and paparazzi.

A thrilling ride from high school to Hollywood’s elite society. Flash Acts is smart, sexy, and 
filled with suspenseful twists and surprises, hot, hot, hot!