Saturday, December 24, 2011

PDF Files on Kindle Fire

It's amazing how good a pdf file looks on the Kindle Fire, especially with EZPDF Reader Pro. Even down to the (very nice) page turning effects (very iBooks) and the ability to annotate to your heart's content. It is a pleasure using this little tool to read the odd pdf manual or other pdf goodie now and then.

It's pretty easy to get your favorite pdf files over to your Kindle Fire too. Hook it up to your computer with the USB charger/connector. Then open your Kindle icon up so you can see the folders.  Then drag and drop your pdf file to the folder you choose. Don't just stick your pdf file in any folder though... Make sure you know where your files are going so you can find them again easily.... and not mess up your new Kindle Fire.

You can see from this screen shot, there are quite a few folders on my Kindle Fire. A few have been added from various app installations, but the basics are very similar to other Kindles. The Books folder is where books you purchase from Amazon go. The documents folder is where you can put your person (kindle friendly files) documents and books you gather from places other than Amazon. Then there is the Audible folder, where book files (.aa) go. And there is a music folder where you can put various mp3 files and listen to music on your little machine. I haven't even begun to play in the Pictures folder, but I am looking forward to it.

There are actually two places you can choose to save your pdf files. One is the library folder in the bookdata folder within the ezPDFReader folder. The other, and my personal favorite only because it is easy to find and I like to keep my stuff easy to get to in case I want to remove it, is the download folder. You can create additional folders within these folders if you wish to organize even more, but the main thing is to know where your pdf files are. It's all part of basic file management.

Once you have your files in place, ezPDFReader makes it very easy to find them and will open them with a touch of a finger. If (when you open ezPDFReader) you look at the top of the screen, you will see 4 little icons. Touch the one that is labled All PDF and it will literally list every folder on your Kindle that has a pdf file in it, including the Documents folder and the download folder. Touch any of those folders listed and you will see a list of the pdf files. Touch the one you want to read and you will be on your way.

Enjoy! I think there is a free version of this little app, but the pro version is less than $3 and as far as I am concerned, it it the best $$ I have spent lately.