Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Mrs. Wizard's email bag...

From Gary:
Mrs. Wizard, you said in your first blog about the Kindle Fire that you can charge the Fire with the USB cable that comes with the other Kindles. I was talking to Amazon support today on another matter, and was told it was OK to use the USB cable that came with your other Kindles (or any USB cable that fits) to move data onto the Fire, but not to try to charge your Fire with it.

Another quick tip: By now, I'm sure we all know (or think we know) that when the light turns green on our Fire's power button, that means it's fully charged....NOT SO!! Keep an eye on the little stinker....when the light turns green, goto the little sprocket icon in the top right hand corner of the the Fire's screan, tap it, then tap "More" then tap 'Device'....you will see it is only 90% charged, even tho the green light says it is fully charged. I called Amazon support, they told me it was safe to continue chargeing until the battery bar in your Device Manager says it is fully charged. When I do this, I always make sure I am near-by and keeping an eye on things to prevent battery damage from over-chargeing. 

I love my Kindle Fire!! The only bad thing about it is I can't get your blog on it yet....

Thanks so much for your thoughts. Hope you don't mind my sharing them in a post very soon. This is the kind of information other readers may be interested in too.

I have to disagree, or at least question why tech support said not to use the other usb connections to charge the Fire. I have one of (actually several all over the house and in various bags) those little retractable usb cables, no name brand that I know of, but I have hooked the Fire up to it at night on my dresser and let it recharge overnight and it did just fine. I know what you mean about just because the light is green, doesn't necessarily mean the thing is charged all the way. I wish they would make the actual percentage a part of the display in the upper right corner, instead of just the icon you can only guess with.

And I have been told a different story regarding these newer batteries by technicians I know and trust, actually I sleep with one... My husband said it was pretty easy (and not good) to over charge the older generation batteries, as well as "teach" some of those rechargeable batteries to basically take a short charge, meaning they would be charged, but would last for shorter and shorter times. I can't tell you how many laptop batteries disappointed the heck out of me after only 6 months or so. Now, the technology has gotten much better. It doesn't hurt to charge your cell phone frequently, or even when it is 1/2 or 3/4 still full. It will still last a lot longer, and isn't likely to give you less and less time as time goes by. The same thing applies to our laptop batteries, and of course our Kindle rechargeable  batteries. Overall, they just don't have the problems the older ones did. I'm sure they have a finite lifespan, but haven't really heard how they actually bite the big one.... is it with a bang, just quitting, or giving shorter and shorter charges until there is nothing left... Somebody let me know if you have witnessed the death of a Kindle battery lately. 

I am so glad you are loving your new Kindle Fire! I sure love mine!
Oh... you can get my blog on the Fire. Use your web browser and go to http://mrswizard.blogspot.com... then bookmark that bad girl for future use.

Warmest Regards,

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