Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kindle Skills - Use Calibre to Organize your Non Amazon Ebook Files

Calibre is a great FREE software, and a must if you have a Kindle and like to browse non-amazon sites for additional free books for your little machine. All you have to do is make sure you know where you downloaded the ebook files, then open Calibre and drag the ebook file into the main window pane of your Calibre software.  Calibre will do the rest for you, including making it easy for file management challenged folks to transfer the books to the Kindle when you are ready.
There are really two ways to add books to your Calibre library. You can click the Add books button (top left in the main Calibre window) or drag to the main window. I prefer dragging, but click the button at least to see your choices, and the types of books Calibre can import and convert to a nice Kindle format for you. You can spend a lot of time in Calibre and learn something new it will do for you every day. It is still hard for me to believe it is absolutely free.

Once you have the file dragged into your Calibre window and Calibre has added it to the list, you can delete the original one you downloaded and dragged. Calibre has its own folder setup and organization, has copied your book file, and has it well taken care of. From the Calibre window, you will be able to convert it to other formats, or just save and organize it for you. You can right click any file listed in your Calibre window and choose Open containing folder, as well as several other right click options.

Computer tips: 

  • Your right mouse button is a great way to explore options anywhere on any computer. Place your pointer anywhere, press the right mouse button and see what your choices are. The right mouse button gives you choices. The left mouse button makes things happen (usually with a single click). 
  • Mac users have an "invisible" right mouse button. Press the CTRL key when you click something and it is the same as a right mouse click on a PC.

Calibre will allow you to spend more time hunting for vintage and public domain books on the Internet. All you need to do is know the file name for the book and make sure when you download it, you download it to your Desktop, or someplace on your computer where you can easily find the file and delete it when you are finished with it. The rest is dragging, dropping, and watching Calibre work its magic!

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