Friday, November 12, 2010

Kindle Skills - Text to Speech shortcuts

If you own a Kindle, you certainly need to spend some time experimenting with the Text To Speech features. If it is available (allowed by rights holder) on a book, your Kindle can actually read to YOU.

Text to Speech Tips:
  • Press the Aa key on your Kindle keyboard while a book is opened to see if Text to Speech is available. If it is not, it will be greyed out.
  • Shift+Sym to start and stop Text to Speech
  • A male voice is default. To switch to a female voice, press the Aa key and use the 5-way controller to navigate to the female choice. Press the center button to make it happen.
  • While Text to Speech is playing, the screen will update to the corresponding page of text. If you want it to start in a particular place on the page, use the 5-way controller to position the cursor to the area you want to begin listening (before starting Text to Speech).
  • Pause and resume Text to Speech by pressing the Spacebar.
  • Text to Speech will continue playing even if you put your Kindle to sleep by sliding and releasing the power button. This allows you to continue listening while locking all the keys and buttons to prevent accidental pressing or clicking.