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May 30, 2010, Cindy O'Neal
More great summer reading...
author: Philip Wylie
published: 1930
language: English
wordcount: 63,281 / 180 pg 19030
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genres: Science Fiction, Pulp, Post-1930
The product of an amazing biological experiment, Hugo Danner was born and grew up free from the fears that inhibit other men... with an infinitely superior mind and a sex-drive that put insatiable women at his feet and turned men green with envy. Considered by many to be the inspiration for the character Superman.

Doctor Syn
A Smuggler Tale of the Romney Marsh

author: Russell Thorndyke
published: 1915
language: English
wordcount: 68,241 / 189 pg
downloads: 68
added to site: 2010.05.20 27828
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genres: Pirate Tales, Fiction & Literature, Audiobook

When this story opens there were two things of paramount interest in Dymchurch. One was Romney Marsh - visited, so the villagers whispered, by flaming Demon Riders and Jack O'Lanterns. The other was Doctor Syn, their genial, kindly, well-loved vicar. To be sure it was a little incongruous at times to hear this godly man break out into the most ungodly refrain from the favourite song of the redoubtable Clegg. But Clegg had been hanged as a pirate - so it was said - full ten years before. How Syn's real identity was finally revealed when the King's men came to Dymchurch, and the strange part he played in the mystery of Romney Marsh, make this a decidedly unusual and thrilling story.

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