Monday, May 24, 2010

Amazon Skills

Originally posted May 23, 2010 by Cindy O'Neal

I like the way the Kindle Store is organized lately. When you get to the main Amazon page, click where it says Shop All Departments on the left, then move your mouse pointer down to the word Kindle, then over to the right a little, and click the word Books. It is much easier to see what is new, free, or low priced, in order of popularity.

Look in the right hand column for the Top 100 paid books (not free), and the Top 100 FREE books in a tab right next to that tab. All the good stuff is in one spot. What is really interesting is when you click the tab for the Top 100 paid books and see the corresponding list of Top 100 free books right next to it. What a wonderful idea!

In the left column of the main Kindle Books page on Amazon (below the Buy a Kindle and Special Features areas), you will see the Kindle Books area with lists to browse by genre. If you use this as a browsing tool, each page of available books can also be further sorted by price (low to high) in the sort by area toward the top right of a page of books listed.

The Special Features area is a great way to browse all by itself. It even has a special link to a pages dedicated to Free Book Collections. You certainly need to spend a little time checking that area out. You can find many great books to add to your Kindle library.

All in all, it is a great way to browse what is probably the best selection of books on the planet. Now all we need is a really long vacation!