Thursday, April 12, 2012

When an app dies on the Kindle Fire

need a new Kindle?
I love IHeart Radio... It is a wonderful app and gives free access to more radio stations across this great land of ours than you can imagine. All you need is an Internet connection and a Kindle Fire.

It was not pretty when it simply refused to work today. It just kept shutting down. In a little snit of anger, I just removed the thing from my device. Put your finger on the app icon and hold it a second or two, then choose remove from device. You will be taken to another screen where it will be politely explained that you will be uninstalling the app. Press the OK button to complete the dastardly deed.

Then go back to the app store on Amazon and reinstall it. I think you will find it will reinstall with a whole new attitude. It sure did on my Kindle Fire.

It made me remember one of the bits of wisdom I used to share with my kids when they were growing up and particularly ticked me off... "I brought you into this world... I can take you out!"

It never worked with the kids, but it sure works great with stubborn apps!

Special Note: You can also find iHeart Radio for your iPhone, iPhone touch, iPad and various other Android phones and tablets.