Monday, April 09, 2012

It's me again Margaret...

Thank you Ralph, for the wonderful giggle you gave me today! (the Margaret line was in the subject of his email)

I bought a book from Kindle (AMAZON) a while go and after I read it transferred it to my archives. Then a couple of days ago I brought it back. I read about a third of it and when I went back to it, it only wanted to start at the beginning. If I had noted at what point I had stopped, I would not have to bother you.  Any idea how I can pick up the point at which I stopped reading? Or do I have to start all over again? 

I'm not sure I understand Ralph. If you got through about a third of it (the second time around) and sent it back to your archives - and then put it back on your Kindle -- I would think it would still be wherever you left off. If it isn't, you are just going to have to sit on that page forward button and skim the book until it is about where you think you were...

sorry bucko :)