Saturday, December 08, 2012

Windows Key + E

Even old Mrs. Wizard can pick up a goodie now and then, dear readers...

This afternoon hubby and I were out browsing a local store and happened upon a section of new computers, all kinds... with the latest Windows 8 on them. We aren't ready to put the new system on any of our machines yet but it was neat looking.

First real glance... it was a shock... couldn't find a thing. I'm sure it is a very nice operating system, just keeps getting better and better all the time, but geez... if you can't find anything, how can you get your bearings enough to poke around?

A friend of hubby wandered by (a programmer friend... I just LOVE techno folks) and said to use the Windows Key +E ... no matter where you are, that command will bring up the Explorer. And it did! From there I was able to right click on the main hard drive (C) and choose Properties... and see how much memory, hard drive space etc this new machine had. I have always used the keyboard command CTRL+ Esc to bring up the Start menu, but there is no start menu on Windows 8, at least not that I could find at the time.

So I have a new favorite keyboard command in my pocket.

Time to begin reading about Windows 8.
Here are some Windows 8 books you might want to take a peek at for your Kindle. Some are even FREE!