Friday, December 28, 2012

FREE on Amazon Today

And until December 31 even!
 Hi  Mrs. Wizard

My new book, WIPEOUT, which got an excellent review from Kirkus Reviews will be free at Amazon/Kindle until Dec. 31.  I would love your site to be the first to post it!

Thank you,

Raeder Lomax
Than YOU Raeder for sharing with us!

WIPEOUT Wallstreet meets Backstreet



"This invitingly gritty noir lines up the elements of a dark thrill ride: drug dealing, prison releases, infidelities, burglaries,​ double crosses and cool women selling hot sex...Burglaries are planned and executed, but with the shifting ​alliances and lack of honor among thieves, the criminals find it hard to hold on to their ill-gotten gains. The plot rockets​ through twists and turns at a thrilling pace, with a dizzying number of subplots...Lomax juggles these storylines with admirable skill."

About the Author

Columbia University, BA, MFA
Awards:  NY Foundation of the Arts Fellowship  for Playwriting (Ezekiel -- State of Emergency)