Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Book Description

Knowles is a fast moving tale of a warrior which starts out in Texas in the 1870's. When a small town sheriff is gunned down in the street by the murderous Hays gang, everyone in Reliant looks the other way except for Knowles. Johnny Knowles is determined to track down and bring the killers of the man he considered to be his father to justice, come what may.

This is a richly accurate, fast moving, action packed taste of the old west which takes you for a ride with young Johnny Knowles on a steamboat down the Mississippi to the fancy pleasure houses of New Orleans and the meanest neighborhood in the world on Gallatin Street. Knowles' pursuit leads you through a series of hair raising adventures in the toughest towns in Texas.

But this story is not just about seeking revenge. It is also about helping others and finding true love. The whole panorama of the era unfolds before you, as you follow along with Knowles in a surprise twist to the final showdown.