Monday, January 20, 2014

Don't neglect your LOCAL LIBRARY

Memphis Library
I have "played around" with our Memphis Library's ebook offerings for a couple of years now and up till now really haven't been impressed. The system was clunky and the pickings really weren't all that good. I was also a little disappointed to learn (the hard way) that if you didn't show any activity (download any books) for a year, that part of your library card would be turned off. The only way to reactivate it was to physically visit the library and have a worker reactivate your card. It was explained to me they just wanted to make sure I was still around.... don't really know what to think of that.

I found myself browsing on the library website this morning though, and was pleasantly surprised at the way the site seemed to work better. During the check out process I chose Kindle format and was immediately transferred to and (once I signed in) my book was on the way to my "kindle" of choice (my iPad Kindle app)... Very nice!

So, Dear Readers... let this be a lesson. Give your local library website another chance if you haven't already. You may be pleasantly surprised! Think of all the books with your name on them!