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A Duke squares off with a damaged, dangerous war veteran in TETHERBIRD, a novel called "amazingly powerful and beautifully written."

Former sniper Benjamin Cane's life is ripped apart after his version of the Bin Laden assassination is disavowed by the Marines, written off as a conspiracy theory. Displaying symptoms that could be PTSD, the man who returns from war is an entity his wife Mackey struggles to comprehend. Following an accident with his twin boys that never should have happened, Benjamin leaves the service, his life in a tailspin.

A Duke in the stately Gloucestershire countryside offers Benjamin a job in security. Surrounded by characters as eccentric as they are paranoid, Benjamin tries to navigate an environment rife with guns and outdated class structures, feeling like flotsam as a new civilian without his family.

Grisly and emotional twists surprise in this poignant tale narrated by cynical war crimes journalist Stanley Tern, who enters Benjamin's life to offer redemption and to pursue his own hidden agenda. Through layered, textured prose, TETHERBIRD asks whether our modern-day, gun-toting homelands may be more treacherous than any battlefield.

Editorial Reviews


"Read Tetherbird in solitude. Savor McDaid's mastery at weaving her language together and allow yourself to pay attention to all the voices. I invite you to do as I did and enjoy the story at leisure as it unfolds clearly before your mind's eye. If you do, you will join me in giving Tetherbird at least four stars and be tempted, were it allowed, to give it eleven." -- Kindle Book Review suspense novel reviewer Roger Woodbury

"The plot is well crafted. Even improbable events make perfect sense." -- Rachel Creager Ireland, author of Post Rock Limestone Carytids

"I haven't come across a writer like Emily McDaid in quite some time - if ever.  A highly intelligent writer, McDaid's laser-precision focus on creating compelling characterizations combined with unique, thought-provokng plots will jolt you awake and re-ignite your excitement for suspense novels." -- Bianca Sloane, author of Live and Let Die