Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I STILL LOVE my Kindle Touch!

It is amazing what a "wifi update" can do, and Amazon has been great at keeping their various Kindle devices updated and improved on a regular basis. Just when I was getting a little annoyed with my Kindle Touch (purchased last year) I picked it up this morning and noticed a little different look to the screen when I turned it on. More important, it seems to be working better too... the touch a little more consistent, swiping much more precise and page turning a little more frisky. I don't know what they did and I don't much care (not needing to know just how that particular sausage was made), but it is enough of an improvement for me to want to use it again, and not "need" to look with lust at the Kindle Paperwhite any more for the time being. 

The nice thing I have noticed about the Kindles is that once you have one, you will be able to get years out of it, without wanting to "upgrade" every year. The newer ones are nice, but the newer features aren't so earth shattering to "need" to replace an old faithful. Kind of reminds me of my iPhone and other Mac products, in the way they keep the older devices updated so the line between older and newer models is pretty blurred.

I like that. AND the prices are getting better and better every day, so if you are looking to get a new one, this is a great time. I like to pass my older Kindles on to friends and family. It is a great way to share and my Kindles get a great new home and someone else to enjoy reading with them.