Saturday, November 17, 2012

There's more to your Local Library..

If you haven't yet, certainly check out your local library for access to the latest books for FREE - borrow them from your library for your Kindle or iPad... really almost any ebook reader will work.

If you haven't had a library card in years, this a great time to reestablish that wonderful relationship with  your library.

Of course in my case nothing is ever that simple. I doesn't seem as though it has been very long since I established my relationship with our local Cordova Library here in Memphis... checked out a few books for the Kindle, wrote about how easy it was, then while browsing a few nights ago to see if there were any new ones I could put myself on the waiting list for (yes, there is a waiting list), I discovered my privileges had expired. I called the Library the next day and was told by someone (who didn't seem to give a flying flip one way or the other) I would need to physically come in and prove I still live where I live to have my library card "renewed."  What happens if someone can't physically make it to their library? I guess they are just out of luck.

Guess I'll be making a trip to the Library today...