Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Free on Amazon Today

FREE Oct 23, 24 and 25
Hello Mrs. Wizard,

Wanted to let you know that Muskie Attack, the first book in my Up North Adventure Series, will be available for free Kindle download on Oct 23-25. The series also includes Ancient Elk Hunt and Snakehead Invasion.

Muskie Attack: An Up North Adventure by G.M. Moore 
Free for Kindle on Oct. 23, 24 and 25. 
5 star rating/10 reviews on Amazon for print and ebook formats.
Foreword review: https://www.forewordreviews.com/reviews/muskie-attack/

Description: For Corbett Griffith III, divorce and two busy parents mean goodbye city life, hello great outdoors. With their busy Chicago careers and schedules, his parents just don't seem to have any time for him. When his mother sends him to his uncle's Wisconsin fishing resort for the summer, Corbett feels that there's no one pulling for him or caring what happens to him.

But all of that changes at Whispering Pines Lodge, Corbett learns he is never really alone, thanks to his Uncle Dell, who takes care of him, and his new friend Pike, who pulls him into one mischievous adventure after another. It's a summer of change for ten-year-old Corbett--even his name changes, when a cute girl calls him "Griffy," a nickname he likes enough to keep.

When Griffy catches two elusive walleyes, he is surprised to discover how much he likes fishing. Eager to test his newfound skills, he and Pike are stunned to hear that a seventy-pound muskie is on the loose. They resolve to catch the ferocious fish, no matter what. For Pike catching a world record muskie would be about the sport. For Griffy it would be about something more. Maybe, just maybe, if he caught that fish is parents would take notice.

Think alligator. Think prehistoric beast. Think mean.

Will they be able to catch the muskie and stop it from attacking anyone or anything?

Thank you for your consideration.

G.M. Moore 
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