Thursday, July 19, 2012

Free on Amazon Today

Dear Mrs. Wizard -

I have a new Kindle science fiction book, Love Byte, that was described by one noted author as follows:

"I never met a computer I didn't hate, until I fell in love with Larry Kilham's Juno. Part woman yet all brilliant machine, Juno is the pulsing supercomputer at the heart of Love Byte, Kilham's fast paced thriller that explores a central question of our future -- what will be in charge, natural intelligence or artificial intelligence? The science is up to the minute, and perhaps ahead of its time. That alone can keep you awake at night -- whether you are human or a machine." ~ Robert Mayer, National award winning author of Superfolks, The Dreams of Ada, and The Origin of Sorrow

Its Amazon page is

This book will be free on Kindle Thursday and Friday July 19 and 20.

Hopefully your readers would like to learn more about Juno!


Larry Kilham

Santa Fe, NM
Thanks for sharing this with us Larry!