Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The cutest little stand...

A little white stand arrived at my house yesterday. It looked like something out of the space program, but the minute I had it in my hands I knew it would be something I would be using all the time with my favorite readers... I'm thinking this is going to be great for my daughter's little machines too!

It has special little non-skid devices on the feet to keep it steady. You can see it didn't mind I wanted to keep my Kindle Fire in my Oberon case. I love it!

The 3feet Stand
Such a great name for a very versatile little device!
It held steady when I opened the cover, and even when I had it in the landscape position (perfect to watching movies).

And of course, it has great settings and is perfect for my iPhone AND my husband's Android phone. In fact, he has pretty much taken over this one because he feels comfortable with it's "no slipping" and wants to use it to display his phone on his nightstand.... I already have another one coming for me... a pretty black one! What's YOUR favorite color?

Husbands... you gotta love em!