Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Never Lose Your Place On A Kindle Book

So many computer items you already own can be used as a Kindle Device. Your iPhone, iPod Touch, any computer (Windows or Mac), iPad, and Android tablets or phones. If they can run the Kindle app software, or access the Internet to get to the Kindle Cloud Reader, you can read a Kindle book on them.  Enjoy!

If (for example) you begin reading a hot and steamy romance on say, your regular Kindle, but find yourself in a doctor's office waiting... and waiting... minus your Kindle. If you have an iPhone with the Kindle app installed, open it up and grab that book from the Archives in your Kindle Library. When you have that book on your little machine, open it up and (if you have been very good) a little message will appear letting you know that book was being read on another device and would you like to synch it to the most recent page read... Say yes and enjoy!

Need any Kindle goodies?