Friday, January 06, 2012

Kindle DX and Kindle Keyboard Folders

Kindle DX folders
same folders on Kindle Keyboard
When you hook your Kindle up to your computer, doesn't matter if it is a mac or pc, you have an opportunity to take a good peek at the folders inside your little machine.

On a Mac: You will see a special drive icon appear on your main screen with the word Kindle under it. Double click on this little drive and you will see the folders inside. To Safely Remove your Kindle from your Mac, simply drag this drive icon to the trash.

Once inside your Kindle, you can drag book files you have gathered from places like into the documents folder. Audio books from go into the audible folder. You can also put .mp3 files into the audible folder. This will cause them to appear on your Kindle Home screen when you disconnect your Kindle from the USB cable. When you select a music file or audio book, you will see familiar audio controls on your Kindle screen. Use the 5-way controller to navigate to the various buttons. Then press in on the 5-way to make it happen.

On a PC: You won't see any special drive appear, but you will see a window appear with a few choices. Choose Open folder to view files by left clicking those words. This will cause another window to appear with the folders on your Kindle showing. If you Accidentally "X out" of it, don't worry. You can always click the Start button and choose Computer. You will see your Kindle listed as an extra drive there. Double click it to see the folders within. to Safely Remove your Kindle from your PC, right click on the Kindle drive in the Computer area. Then click the word eject. You will see a little message pop up in the lower right corner of your main computer screen indicating it is safe to disconnect the usb cable from your Kindle.

Files your Kindle likes:

  • .azw (native Kindle book files) - documents folder on your Kindle.
  • .prc (palm reader) and .mobi (mobi pocket reader files) - documents folder on your Kindle.
  • .txt files (simple text files) - documents folder
  • .htm or .html (web) files - documents folder - You can rename the .html to .txt and use them on your Kindle. I prefer to use Calibre to convert these to .mobi files for the Kindle to avoid confusion. Calibre also gives other options to make the books nicer looking on the Kindle. Also if your html file has images with it, it is very easy to drag the file to your Calibre window. It will convert the html file (pictures and all) into a nice little .mobi package for you to enjoy on your little machine.
  • .mp3 (music) files - can go to the music folder (for background playing) or the audible folder (for more control).
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